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    Medical Team
    Medical Team
    Leafreport's Clinician Team
    The clinicians in our team bring their experience from across the spectrum of medical specialties, as well as their perspective from years of clinical practice, research, and patient advocacy. Medical Review, provided by members of Leafreport’s team, ensures that our content is accurate, current, and patient-focused.


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    I took it for nerves and motion sicknessProductfamilie:Tincturen & druppelsGebruikte producten:Andere
    I asked my pharmacist for CBD oil, since my daughter kept insisting on taking it. The pharmacist immediately grabbed Procana CBD complete. It didn’t seem to do me any favors. Then my dad passed away. My heart began to jump and race, common symptoms of MVP; but it wouldn’t calm down. I asked my son if I could try what he was using, and he bought me Lazerus Naturals full spectrum CBD Tincture 1500/50 (French vanilla mocha). My husband, a retired cop, immediately recognized the odor emitted from the bag, something he didn’t pick up from the procana complete. I took two drops before bed, and stumbled to the bathroom in the middle of the night. It could’ve been from being drowsy in an unfamiliar room. I left it alone. But the next day I did notice my heart wasn’t racing any more. Then, when I had to ride from Virginia to Pennsylvania, I took a drop. That drop took me halfway with no nausea. This can NOT be psychological, because I was even able to READ in the MOVING CAR! I took another drop to carry me the rest of the way to PA. Another drop carried me home! I haven’t been visiting my parents because I dreaded the ride. Once there, I put off going home for the same reason. I hated going to stores, the doctor’s...anywhere that involved a car! I bought a home close to stores so I could walk! But now, my husband asks if I want to go to the store, I say, “Give me an hour!” And I pop a drop! No other side effects; no visions of unicorns sliding down rainbows, no irresistible desire to buy lava lamps or psychedelic posters, not even the munchies! This stuff has opened the world for me in a way no other product has. I’ve tried ginger, peppermint, those dang uncomfortable bracelets Witt knobs on the wrist...nothing worked! Thank you. And Thank you, Donny and Tamera for my early Christmas present. You made Grandpa’s funeral very bearable. I love you both!
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